God is working in mighty ways at Compassion Church. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we’ve seen incredible growth over the past few years. As we look forward, we believe there are three opportunities to Make Room for increased compassionate ministry. We’ll call it God’s 3 for 2 deal.

Over the course of 2 years, our goal is to raise $2,000,000 in order to accomplish 3 things


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1. Complete the Compassion Kids 2nd Floor

In order to address the growing needs of our children’s ministry along with our growing staff our goal is to complete the second floor of the kids building. We are looking to build more kids classrooms, multi use spaces, and office facilities. Our goal with the construction is to build a multi-use space that is conducive to ministry from kids to adults.

2. Build a 2nd Entrance Wards Ferry Road

In order to accommodate the increased traffic our goal is to build a safe and efficient entrance to our property. This entrance will be placed where the gravel entrance currently sits at the north end of our property. This will allow safer entry and exit to our property.

3. Build 2 homes in Guatemala

Compassion travels and as we look to our friends and neighbors in Loma Del Viento we realize that we can help Make Room for them by building homes for two families. 

There’s no sugar coating it, raising $2,000,000 is a difficult task. But, God has led us through difficult opportunities before. Here we are, again, believing in a miracle. We are asking for involvement from every single person who calls Compassion Church of the Nazarene their home. From the youngest able bodied child to the oldest prime timer. 100% participation is the goal.  

To raise $2,000,000 is going to take grit and it will take great sacrifice. But, we realize that we are investing in the kingdom of God. It will be hard but we believe it will be worth every penny of sacrifice we make.

We want to be clear that the generosity of this campaign should take place in addition to people’s regular tithes and offerings.

2 Years

2 Years

Campaign Duration

$2 Million

$2 Million

Campaign Goal

3 Goals

3 Goals

Finish 2nd Floor | Build 2nd Entrance | Build 2 Homes

What is your role?

As we look to launch the Make Room campaign, would you consider doing 3 things:

Pray | Share | Give
  1. Pray. No success in this campaign is possible without prayer. Pray that God’s kingdom would come and his will would be done through this campaign. As you consider your financial participation, pray that God would reveal to you how to be generous in the campaign.
  2. Share. Please start to share the details of the campaign with key people in your circle of influence. 
  3. Give. Determine an amount you would like to invest in making room for ministry at Compassion church and give, above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings.

Second Floor Presentation